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Synchrony Bank Customer Service | Phone Number

Synchrony Bank, a provider of financial services, offers its clients a vast array of credit and financial solutions. Synchrony Bank Customer Service also provides loans, credit cards, current and savings accounts, wealth management options, and commercial banking services to its clients. Synchrony Bank is investing in digital transformation to enhance client comfort and experience. 

Synchrony Bank Phone Number

+1 (800-250-5411) Estd. Wait Time: 45-55 min.

Website Home Page

24 Hours 7 Days

Synchrony Bank Chat Support

Estd. Wait Time: Instant ​

Tips To Contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service

  1. Phone Support

Synchrony Bank customer service provides phone support. Customer to speak directly with a representative who can assist with various inquiries such as account management, product, etc.

  1. Email Support 

Synchrony Bank customer service also provides email support for customers who prefer to write in and send an email detailing their inquiries or concerns to a designated email address provided by the bank.

  1. Online Chat Support

Synchrony customer service also offers online chat support. Customers can access the chat feature on the bank’s website. Online chat support is often available for hours 24/7 available for this service.

  1. Social Media Support

Synchrony Bank customer service also provides social media support. The bank has social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When customers directly message you, a customer representative instantly solves your issues regarding your account-related issues.


Synchrony Bank Customer Issues and solutions

1. Unauthorized Transactions:

Issue: Customers may encounter unauthorized transactions on their accounts, raising concerns about security and financial losses.

Solution: Get in touch with Synchrony Bank’s customer support right away if you discover any unauthorized transactions. They adopt a proactive stance, starting inquiries, blocking the account for a while, and guaranteeing prompt reimbursement after verification. To prevent similar incidents in the future, security measures like updated credentials and extra authentication will be put in place.

2. Billing and Statement Errors:

Issue: Customers might face discrepancies in their billing or statements, such as incorrect charges or missing transactions.

Solution: Contacting Synchrony Bank’s customer service is essential for billing or statement issues. Give detailed details about the problem, such as the disputed amounts and the dates of the transactions. Our customer support staff is prepared to look into, fix, and guarantee accurate financial records in addition to billing errors.

3. Loan and Credit Card Assistance:

Issue: Challenges related to loans or credit cards, such as application hiccups, unclear terms, or issues with communication, may arise.

Solution: For all phases of your financial journey, Synchrony Bank’s customer service offers individualized support. Get advice on how to proceed with the application process, how to define terms clearly, how to communicate better, and how to overcome obstacles. Their goal is to make sure everything runs smoothly and openly.

4. Account Access Issues:

Issue: Customers may face difficulties accessing their accounts, encountering glitches in online banking services, or unauthorized charges.

Solution: For any issues with account access, get in touch with Synchrony Bank’s customer service right away. The group looks into transaction inconsistencies, helps fix technical issues, and takes the required action to quickly restore access to funds.

5. General Inquiries and Support:

Issue: Customers may have general inquiries or require support related to their accounts, services, or policies.

Solution: General questions and assistance can be easily obtained by contacting Synchrony Bank’s customer service. For every customer’s journey, the customer service team is dedicated to providing individualized assistance, whether it is in understanding policies or navigating through services.


What kind of Company is Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony Bank is known for its retail credit card and partnership with various retailers, across different industries including home improvement and healthcare.

How do I Dispute a Charges on My Synchrony Bank?

You may be required to send a formal disagreement letter or complete an online dispute form through Synchrony Bank. Comply with their requests and offer all the necessary details precisely and clearly. Include whatever evidence you have acquired to support your case in your submission.

How can I apply for Credit Card Synchrony Bank?

Applying online at Synchrony Bank is the most practical option. Customers can go to the website, choose their preferred credit package, and proceed with the online application. Typically, the application requests personal data, financial information, and authorization for a credit check.