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Binance Support & Customer Service:

Binance Support has multiple channels through which users can reach their customer service, such as phone support, email, and getting help from the website’s support centre. Binance’s customer care team is committed to helping clients with various problems, including order execution delays, system downtime problems, etc.

Customer Service Number

+1 929-228-3440 Estd. Wait Time: 45-55 min.

Website Contact Link

Website Home Page

Binance Chat Support

Estd. wait time : Instant

Tips to Contact Binance Customer Service

1. Binance Support Center

Visit the Binance support canter on their website, which offers an extensive knowledge base and “FAQs“ section, and “Contact us” that may address your query and issue.

2. Binance Help Center

Users can use the Binance Help Center to submit support tickets or specific issues and inquiries.

3. Binance Live Chat

Users can communicate with customer service agents in real-time using chat support which enables help to get right away and fix any problems they might be having.

4. Use Binance Customer Support

Binance offers VIP customer service to users who meet specific trading volumes or account balance requirements. If you qualify for VIP status, you may have access to a dedicated Binance Customer support team that can provide faster service.

Follow the steps below to contact Binance Customer Support:

1. Visit the Binance website.

2. Click on the “FAQ”  or “Contact us “ option and choose the contact method that suits your preference or need, such as phone or online chat.

3. Contact customer support.

4. Clearly explain your issues and queries.

Customer Complaints of Binance

1.Account Security

Customers of Binance frequently have problems with phishing attempts and unauthorized access. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial, as are standard security practices, including using strong passwords and being wary of links and emails.


2. Verification (KYC)

Binance requires users to undergo a know your customer (KYC) process and identity verification .user may encounter issues with the verification process, such as delays or difficulties in submitting the required documents or fulfilling the verification requirement. This issue can impact deposit and withdrawal limits on the platforms.

3. Withdraw and Deposited Issue 

Binance customer problems with deposits or withdrawals on the platform .issues can arise due to network congestion, incorrect addresses, or technical glitches. It is essential to double-check the wallet address and transaction details before the initial transfer.

4. Binance Customer Support

Binance’s customer support can sometimes experience delays in response times. Users may face challenges receiving timely assistance or resolving their queries and issues. 


How can I learn From Binance?

Binance provides depth knowledge about cryptocurrency, trading agencies, security practices, etc.

What does Binance do?

Binance allows users to buy, sell, and trade many cryptocurrencies.

How do I open an account on Binance?

Go to the official website,, and now open the home page and click “register” on the register page, fill in basic information, enter the email address information, and verify your Account. Afterward, go to the wallet section and select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit .open Account in Binance with funds now start trading.

How do I unlock my Account?

Go to the Binance support team, navigates support or the help center and, then allow  to send a message directly after; that you receive a response from Binance Support Team,  read and follow the instruction  carefully,  provided they may ask for  additional information required you to complete specific steps to verify your identity and then  resolve to  unblock account issue related to account.