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Acer Customer Support | Service

Acer Customer Support and Service is always there to help their customers. They have a group of experts available to respond to queries, address issues, and identify solutions. Acer users can trust their dedicated support for a smooth and happy customer experience.

Customer Service Number

+1 (866-695-2237)

Website Contact Link

Website Home Page

Best time to call

24Hours 7days

Acer email support

Tips to get faster customer service from Acer

Customer support helpline

Acer understands the importance of direct and immediate assistance for customers facing technical or product-related issues. To meet this need, we maintain dedicated Acer customer support. Customers can contact Acer’s support team via phone.

  • United States: 1-866-695-2237
  • United Kingdom: 0371 760 1000
  • Australia: 1300 365 100
  • Canada: 1-866-706-2237

Online Support and Documentation 

Acer’s commitment to customer support extends to its complete online resources. The official Acer website hosts many support materials, including FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and user manuals.

  •     Open a web browser.
  •     Type “” in the address bar.
  •     Press Enter or Return.
  •     The browser will display search results. Look for the official Acer website.
  •     Click on the official Acer website link.
  •     You will be shifted to Acer’s homepage to access their support and product information.

Have Your Information Ready

The Company already provides an Acer customer service number. Thus, gather all necessary information about your product, such as the model number, serial number, and any specifics regarding the problem you’re experiencing, before you contact Acer’s customer care. Thanks to this easily available information, the customer support agent can help you more effectively.

Be Clear and Concise

When speaking with an Acer customer support representative, clearly explain your issue and provide any relevant details or error messages. Being concise and specific will help the representative understand your problem quickly and provide appropriate solutions.

Ask for Escalation if needed.

If you’ve already attempted troubleshooting steps and have yet to receive a satisfactory resolution, politely ask the customer service representative to escalate your case to higher-level Acer customer support. A senior technician or supervisor who can provide more assistance may need to be contacted.


Follow Up as Needed

If you’ve been promised a resolution or a follow-up from Acer’s customer service team, keep track of the expected time frame. If you are still waiting to hear from them after the allotted time, feel free to contact them again.

Stay Calm and Kind

Remember to remain calm and polite during interactions with customer service representatives. They are there to assist you, and maintaining a respectful attitude will help facilitate a positive working relationship.

Acer laptop issues and solutions

Slow Performance 


Over time, your Acer laptop may slow down, making it frustratingly slow. 


  • Uninstall unnecessary programs and files to free up storage space. 
  • Run a disk clean-up utility to remove temporary files and optimize system performance. 
  • The most recent versions of your operating system and drivers should be used.
  • Consider upgrading your laptop’s RAM for improved multitasking capabilities.



Acer laptops can sometimes suffer from overheating, leading to unplanned shutdowns or poor performance. 


  • Clean the ducts and fans regularly to remove dust and waste that can block airflow. 
  • Use a laptop cooling pad or external fan to enhance ventilation. 
  • Adjust your power settings to prevent extreme CPU usage and reduce heat generation.

Battery Draining Quickly


If your Acer laptop’s battery drains rapidly, it can limit its portability and productivity. 


  •  Dim the screen brightness and reduce unnecessary background applications to save battery life. 
  •  Adjust power settings to optimize energy usage by selecting a power-saving mode or when inactive. 
  •  Open any USB devices or peripherals not in use, as they can consume power. 
  •  Replace the Acer laptop battery if it’s old or worn out.

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems: 


Acer laptops may encounter difficulties connecting to Wi-Fi networks or experience periodic disconnections. 


  •  Restart your laptop and Wi-Fi router to refresh the connection. 
  • For a stronger signal, move nearer the router. 
  •  Update your Wi-Fi driver to the latest version from Acer’s official website. 
  •  Disable the power-saving mode for the Wi-Fi adapter to prevent it from turning off when inactive.


Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)


The Blue Screen of Death is a critical error that can occur for various reasons, such as inconsistent drivers or hardware issues. 


  •  Restart your laptop and check for recent driver or software updates. 
  •  Roll back recently installed drivers or software if suspected of causing the issue. 
  •  Run a system file checker scan to identify and repair any corrupted system files. 
  •  If the problem continues, consider contacting Acer tech support or a professional technician.


How do I contact Acer customer service?

To contact Acer customer support and service, visit their website and find the “Support” or “Contact Us” section. They also have a live chat, phone, and email support options for you to get help.

Does Acer have technical support?

Acer has technical support available. Contact Acer tech support via phone, live chat, or an online support portal. Their experts can assist you in fixing problems and finding solutions.

What is the warranty period for the Acer PC?

The warranty period for Acer PCs can differ based on the model and where you are. Normally, Acer offers a limited warranty that covers manufacturing issues for a specific time, usually one to three years. Check your Acer PC’s warranty details or contact Acer customer service for accurate information.

Can I send my laptop to Acer for repairs?

It depends on whether your laptop is under warranty or not; if it is under warranty, then you can send it to Acer for repair. They have certified service centers where you can repair your laptop.