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PNC Bank Customer Service & Helpline Tips

PNC Bank Customer Service provides a wide range of financial products and services. That services provide extensive branch and ATM networks, online banking, and mobile banking capabilities and focus on innovation. Customer service is highly valued at PNC Bank, and there are several ways for consumers to get help. It entails a unique customer service hotline operated around the clock and online chat, email, and in-person assistance at nearby branches. PNC Bank works hard to respond to client questions and issues quickly and effectively.

Customer Service Number

+1 888-762-2265

Email Support

Website Contact Link

support Available Time

24 Hours 7 Days

Website Home Page

Tips To Contact PNC Bank Customer Service

1. Phone Support

If the customer does not get any help from other helping platforms of PNC Bank then you can directly use the PNC Bank, contact method, which may be more helpful for the customer.

2. Social Media

PNC Bank is present on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. They are reaching out to their customer service team through these channels.

3. FAQs and Knowledge Base

PNC Bank Customer support is frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a knowledge base on their website. These resources cover various topics, such as account management, online banking, card services, loans, etc. You can search for specific topics to find answers and guidance.

4. Online and Mobile Banking 

PNC offers guides on its website and mobile app to help customers navigate and use their online and mobile banking platforms effectively. These resources provide step-by-step instructions and explanations for various features and functionalities.

PNC Bank Customer Complaints

1. Online Banking

PNC Bank offers online banking and digital banking services. Some customers have login account access problems, technical glitches or errors on the website or mobile app, difficulties in navigating the online banking interface, and concerns about the security of online transactions.

2. Fees and Charges

Some Customers have raised concerns about fees and charges imposed by PNC Bank. Customers face high over-draft fees for a specific type of account, ATM fees transactions fees, and unclear fee structure.

3. Loan Service

Complaints about loan service may include delays in loan approval and miscommunication regarding loan terms and conditions. PNC Bank offers various loan services, such as personal and auto loans.

4. Unauthorized Transaction

Customers could encounter inappropriate account activity, including fraudulent charges or identity theft. Financial losses may result from this, necessitating an immediate fix.

5. Account Closure Difficulties

When attempting to shut their PNC Bank accounts, some clients might encounter complications, such as unexpected costs, delays in the closure request’s processing, or problems transferring money to another institution. Customers who want to move banks or combine their accounts must resolve these concerns.


How can I Apply For a Loan or Credit Card?

You can visit the PNC Bank website or a nearby branch to apply for a loan. You can submit an online loan application on their website. A loan officer in a branch will be able to walk you through the application procedure as an alternative.

How can I set up Direct Deposits with PNC Bank?

You must give your employer your account number and PNC Bank’s routing number to set up direct deposit with the bank. Your employer will then start the direct deposit procedure, regularly making your salary or other payments into your PNC Bank account.

What are the Fees Associate with PNC Bank Account?

Depending on the account type and services you select, PNC Bank accounts have different fees. Monthly maintenance, overdraft, ATM, and wire transfer fees are regular charges. For particular information regarding the fees connected with your selected account, it is advised to study the fee schedule offered by PNC Bank or contact their customer support.