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IKEA Customer Service Number | Support


IKEA customer service aims to create an easy road to solving all your queries in one place, and that is what we have picked up, so here we tried to provide you all the solutions to all of your problems in one place, find all the info and data you are looking for to solve your problem with Ikea.

IKEA Customer Service Number


Email Support

Website Contact Link

Website Home Page

Online order support


Home delivery support

+1-888-61-IKEA (4532).

warranty and repair support


Assembly and installation support

+1-800-434-IKEA (4532)

You can quickly get in touch with IKEA customer service at:

  • Give IKEA Customer Service a Call: 

  • You can reach IKEA customer service by phone. Check the IKEA website to find the correct phone number, as it may vary depending on where you live. Expect to be put on hold during peak times.
  • Use Live Chat:

  • A lot of IKEA websites offer a live chat feature that allows you to speak with a customer service representative in real time. This might be a practical way to get assistance with your query.
  • Visit an IKEA Store: 

    You can talk to a staff member at the customer service desk at your closest IKEA store if you would prefer in-person support.
  • Email:

  • IKEA normally offers a customer’s email address for inquiries. You can email a representative with your problem or query and they should get back to you in a fair amount of time.
  • Examine social media:

  • IKEA’s customer support teams frequently keep an eye on their social media pages. For help, you might be able to leave a comment on a post or send a direct message.


Issues and Solutions of Ikea's Customer

.Complex Assembly Instructions:

  • Problem: Some customers might find it challenging to follow IKEA’s assembly instructions, which could cause them to become frustrated while assembling.
  • Solution: IKEA can make their instructions more user-friendly by including interactive online guides, step-by-step videos, or better pictures. They might also charge extra for assembly services.
  • Long Wait Times:

  • Problem: Customers may have to wait a long time at IKEA stores for checkout, customer service, or delivery during busy periods, such as weekends or holidays.
  • Solution: In order to shorten wait times, IKEA should improve staffing during peak hours, optimize the checkout process, and allow online preordering with in-store pickup and delivery choices.
  • Missing or Damaged Parts:

  • Problem: IKEA products sometimes arrive to customers with broken or missing parts, which can aggravate them and make assembly take longer.
  • Solution: To reduce the likelihood of missing or damaged parts, IKEA should enhance its quality control procedures. They may also offer a specific hotline or online form for customers to report problems and request replacement parts, along with the option for expedited shipping if needed.
  • Limited Product Availability:

  • Issue: Customers may be disappointed if specific IKEA products are out of stock or cannot be purchased in-person or online.
  • Solution: To better predict demand and guarantee adequate stock levels, IKEA should enhance its inventory management systems. They could also broaden their product line to give customers more options and notify them when out-of-stock items become available again.
  • Difficulty Returning Items:

  • Problem: Strict return policies or a lack of clarity on procedures may present difficulties for customers attempting to return or exchange items.
  • Solution: IKEA should make their return policies obvious on their website and in-store, and offer convenient return alternatives like pre-paid return labels or drop-off locations. Enhancing customer satisfaction can also be achieved by teaching employees how to handle returns politely and efficiently.


How do I file a complain with IKEA?

To file a complaint with Ikea  you simply just need to navigate through the instruction menu of  IKEA customer care service available for mobile phone and support. but if you need to put an online complaint find the suitable complaint option for your issue and then follow the simple process as mentioned above.

Can we return to IKEA online?

Yes, you can return to Ikea through the online app too, but for that, the made purchase should also be online also Ikea has a 365 day return policy .so you can easily refund your products.

How do I return something to IKEA by mail?

To return your package by mail you have to simply ship it to your nearest ikea store. or to know what will be the nearest address of the store, simply go to their contact page and write down your information such as zip code and name and it will tell you the right address.

Can I return IKEA anywhere?

Yes, Ikea customer service allows you to return your order at any store they own, with the right documents like a receipt, your id, and the bill you can easily return your products, only the Ikea studio and drop location centers don’t allow you to return the product.