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HP Service Centers & Support Contact Number

If you need help with your HP products, HP Service Centers are there to provide reliable support. You can contact them through their dedicated support contact number. HP’s skilled technicians are well-prepared to assist you with troubleshooting, repairs and any technical questions. They specialize in resolving issues with HP laptops, printers, desktops, and other devices.

Customer Service Number

+1 800-407-4005 | +1 800-752-0900

Website Contact Link

Website Home Page

Best time to call

Mon-Fri (8:00am to 8:00pm)

HP Technical Support

+1 800-474-6836

Tips To Contact HP Service Centers

Visit the official website

  • Open a web browser.
  • Type “” in the address bar.
  • Press Enter.
  • You will be directed to the official HP website.
  • Look for support or contact sections to find relevant information and resources.



Use the HP service centers Support Assistant

Access support resources and find contacts for HP service centres. Install the HP Support Assistant programme on your HP laptop.



Call the hp service centers support helpline.

For the customer, hp supports phone numbers specific to your region or country. HP representatives can provide details about nearby service centers.



Utilize online chat support. 

  • Visit hp official website (
  • Navigate to the support or contact section.
  • Look for the live chat option.
  • Enter the live chat button to start the chat.
  • Provide the required information and describe your issue.
  • Engage in a real-time chat with an HP representative for assistance.
  • Follow their instructions to resolve your query or issue.




Check warranty status

Check if your HP product is still under warranty before contacting a service center. It will help determine if repairs or services are covered or not.



Gather necessary information

When contacting the hp service, have your product’s serial number, model details, and purchase information ready. It will help accelerate the support process.



Be specific

Clearly describe your problem with your HP device. Specific details can help the service center better understand and address the issue.



Follow instructions and guidance.

Once connected with a service center, carefully follow their instructions and guidance for resolving your product’s issue.

HP laptop issues and solutions

Slow performance

Make space on your computer, remove unnecessary programs, and consider upgrading the RAM or using an SSD.



Clean the dust from your laptop’s vents, use a cooling pad and update the BIOS for better fan settings.


Battery draining quickly

Change power settings, close apps running in the background, and get a new battery if the old one is worn out.


Wi-Fi connection problems

Update your wireless drivers, restart your router and check for anything interfering with the signal.


Blue screen errors or crashes, contact hp service centers.

Update drivers and run a scan to check for malware or faulty hardware causing the issue.


Keyboard or touchpad issues

Update drivers, check for loose connections or consider replacing faulty hardware.


Audio problems

Through the hp support contact number, you can resolve these queries. Update audio drivers, check sound settings and verify if the issue is with external speakers.


Screen issues

Sometimes users face hp laptop screen issues. So Update graphics drivers, adjust settings and seek support if the problem continues.


How do I Fix my HP laptop screen?

You can do a few things if your HP laptop screen faces issues. First, restart your laptop, update your graphics driver, or adjust the screen solution. If the issue continues, consider contacting HP server support for further assistance.

How do I contact HP service centers?

Contact HP Service, visit their official website and access their support section. Alternatively, you can call the customer support helpline on their website or search for authorized hp service in your area for in-person assistance.

What is HP customer care number?


HP support contact number is vital for customers selecting assistance with their HP products. To avail support for technical issues, warranty queries, or product information, you can contact HP customer care at 800-407-4005. Their best team of experts is available to provide quick and reliable service.

Can my HP laptop be repaired?

Yes, your HP laptop can be repaired. Whether it’s a hardware issue like a broken screen or a software problem, skilled technicians can analyze and fix it. You can contact an authorized HP centers and reputable computer repair shop for assistance.