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Kaspersky Customer Service & Phone Number

Kaspersky Customer Service is dedicated to provide guaranteed assistance and service to its users .By responding to questions, managing problems, and providing information regarding Kaspersky goods and services, they aim to ensure customer happiness.

Customer Service Number


Email Support

Website Support Link

Website Home Page

Call Centre Timings

24 hours, 7 days a week

Best time to call

10:15 A.M

Kaspersky Online Support

Kaspersky Phone Contact

Kaspersky Customer Service complaints & Solutions

1. Installation and Activation Issues

Verify that your computer matches Kaspersky system requirements. Before putting Kaspersky in place, disable any competing antivirus or security programs. From the official Kaspersky website, download the newest version of the program. A proper activation code must be entered after carefully following the installation instructions.

2. Performance and Compatibility Issues

Examine your operating system and other installed software for any known compatibility issues. For assistance, consult the Kaspersky support website or get in touch with customer service. 

3. Performance and System Slowdown

To maximize performance, change the program’s parameters, such as the scan schedule or the exclusion of specific files or directories from scanning. Perform disc cleanup and temporary file cleanup on a regular basis to enhance system performance.

4. False Positive Detections

If Kaspersky detects a legitimate file or application as a threat, check for updates within the software to ensure you have the latest virus definitions. If the issue persists, you can report the false positive to Kaspersky via their support channels or use their file reputation service to whitelist the file or application.

5. Uninstallation Issues

Use the official Kaspersky uninstallation tool or utility provided on their website to remove the software completely. Follow the instructions provided by Kaspersky during the uninstallation process to ensure all components are removed properly.

6. Account and Licensing Issues

You should get direct help from Kaspersky customer care if you experience issues with your account or licensing. Give them the necessary information, including your license key, purchase information, and login credentials.

Kaspersky Customer Service Other Sources

1. Kaspersky Customer Service Support website: 

Visit the official Kaspersky Support website as it helps to resolve issues of its users by following the self-help options available on the website.

2. Kaspersky Phone Number:

Users can contact Kaspersky Customer Service Engineers directly to resolve their issues. They can contact their respective Customer Service Representatives according to the region they are placed in. 

3. Kaspersky Online Support: 

Kaspersky provides a variety of customer support options. These consist of community forums, email support, and live chat. When you need help right away, live chat is frequently the fastest option. Email support allows you to provide more specific details. 

Kaspersky Customer Service Issues:

1. Installation and activation issues: 

During the installation or activation process of Kaspersky products on users systems or networks, users may encounter difficulties. These include difficulties in installing Kaspersky software on their devices.  Problems activating the product with the provided license key or activation code.

2. Performance and Compatibility issues: 

Kaspersky publishes updates and upgrades on a regular basis to improve product functionality and fix security related flaws. By doing so, users might experience difficulties when updating or upgrading their Kaspersky software, such as performance issues, unsuccessful installations, or issues with compatibility.

3. Performance and system slowdown:

Users might be prone to experiencing performance issues due to high resource usage by Kaspersky products which can impact the overall system performance. This may occur due to misconfigurations, conflicts with other software, or resource-intensive scanning processes.

4. False positive detections: 

Kaspersky products primary objective is to find and stop suspicious malware. However, it is possible for false positives (regular files or websites marked as harmful) or false negatives (threats that go unnoticed) to occur. These problems might degrade the user experience and perhaps interfere with regular operations.

6. Account and licensing issues: 

Users might experience difficulties related to licensing and account activation, which leads to difficulties renewing subscriptions or applying license key extensions.


Why is my Kaspersky subscription on auto renewal?

This is due to the auto-renewal subscription setting of Kaspersky being enabled. On the Kaspersky support website, under the Subscriptions area, users can manage their auto renewal subscription option for active subscriptions.

Does Kaspersky charge for customer support?

During the first warranty or subscription period, Kaspersky provides free customer support for their products. For some services or longer support durations, there might be extra paid support alternatives available. To learn about any possible fees related to customer service, it is advised to contact the firm directly or consult their support policies.

How do I get a refund from Kaspersky ?

You must search up your order, on Kaspersky store to make a refund request, and then you must submit it using request a refund option.