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How to Fix Error Code 0x80070003 in Windows 7? [Based on Personal Experience]

If your PC has an error code 0x80070003 in window 7 is related to the NTFS file system and may occur when the hard drive has been corrupted , don’t panic . It’s a normal situation that most of the users face. In my experience, by following some troubleshooting steps, I was able to fix the error code 0x80070003in Windows 7.

PC Problem

When I Got this error code 0x80070003 in window 7. The main effect may be not being able to use the operating system normally due to black or blue screen displaying an error message.

On the proper discussion with a window 7 customer service, I found that the error code 0x80070003 in window 7 basically indicates boot configuration data (BCD). A database called BCD holds details on the boot configuration and installed operating systems on a system. Error code 0x80070003 indicates that the machine is not booting up properly, most likely due to a BCD issue. The meaning of this error code is broken down as follows:

When Windows encounters error code0x80070003, the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store is having problems.

Fixing the issues associated with error code 0x80070003 in Windows involves several steps to address problems with the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) store. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you resolve this issue:

As I mentioned at the beginning, it basically means Error Code 0x80070003

In Windows 7, a critical system database in Windows that contains essential information about how the operating system should be booted. This boot configuration data on window 7 can be due to multiple reasons such as -Corrupted or Missing BCD Files, Disk Partition Changes, Failed Windows Update, Hardware Issues, Disk Errors and Bad Sectors, or it can also be due to serious glitches inside the window.

There are many issues created by error code 0x80070003 in Windows 7. For Example blue screen of Death (BSOD) the most significant issue related with this error may cause a blue screen of death, displaying error code 0x80070003in Windows 7. This screen indicates a critical system error that requires attention.

Here are are possible reason why it could happen:


  • Hardware Failures:
  • Corrupted System Files
  • Disk Errors:
  • Incorrect BIOS Settings
  • Virus or Malware Infections

Similar errors or loss of data access in server cases, this error may lead to a situation where they cannot access their data or files stored on the computer. 

Here are possible reason why it could happen:

  • Software Bugs
  • Power Outages and Surges
  • Operating System Issues
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting

How do I fix error code 0x80070003 in Windows 7?

When I saw this, Error code 0x80070003 in Windows 7 is associated with the Windows Boot Manager and typically indicates a problem with the boot configuration data (BCD). This error can occur for various reasons, such as corruption in the BCD, missing or damaged system files, or issues with the disk where the operating system is installed.

Fix1: Windows Update Troubleshooter

  • Open Control Panel: When I Click on the “Start” button and select “Control Panel.”
  • Access Troubleshooting: In the Control Panel, go to “System and Security” and then click on “Troubleshoot common computer problems.”
  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:
    • Under “System and Security,” find and select “Fix problems with Windows Update.”
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to run the troubleshooter.
  • Restart Your Computer:
    • After running the troubleshooter, restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix2: Run Manual SFC and Check Disk Scans

After booting from Installation Media, click “Repair Your Computer”.

  • Select “Troubleshoot” and click on “Advanced Options”.
  • Choose “Command Prompt”.
  • Running System File Checker (SFC):
    • In the Command Prompt, type sfc/scannow and press Enter.
    • Allow the System File Checker to scan and repair any corrupted system files. This may take some time.
  • Run Check Disk (CHKDSK):
    • In the Command Prompt, type chkdsk/f/r C: and press Enter. (Replace C: with the letter in your system drive.)
    • I might be prompted to schedule a disk check for the next restart. Type ‘Y’ and press Enter.
    • When I Restart the computer to initiate the disk check during the boot process.
  • Wait for the Scans to Complete:
    • Both SFC and CHKDSK will scan and repair the system files and check for disk errors during the next boot. Be patient and let the process complete.
  • Restart Your Computer:
    • After the scans are finished, restart the computer.
  • Check for Resolution:
    • Verify if the error code 0x80070003 is resolved. If the issue persists, you may need to explore further troubleshooting steps.

Fix 3: Reset Windows Update Components

  • Stop Windows Update Service: Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Restart your computer: After resetting the Windows Update component, restart your computer and check for updates.

Fix 4: Perform System File Check (SFC)

Boot down from the Windows installation media and go to “Repair your computer” > “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced options.”

  • Select “System Restore” and follow the prompts to restore your system to a previous point where it was functioning correctly.

Fix5: Use the System Update Readiness Tool

  • Download and Install the Tool:
  • Download the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows 7 from the Microsoft website.
  • Install the tool and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Run the Tool: Run the System Update Readiness Tool and let it complete the scan and repairs.
  • Restart your computer: After the tool has completed its work, restart your computer.