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All About OnePlus Customer Care & Solution

In 2013, Pete Lau and Carl Pei launched the multinational technology business OnePlus. OnePlus customer care is well-known for producing smartphones, and its goal is to provide premium features at appealing costs. As shown by their motto, “Never Settle,” they are dedicated to raising the bar on both product quality and user experience. Tech fans all across the world have taken a quick liking to OnePlus due to its creative approach to mobile technology and active OnePlus customer care. Gaining loyal customers they keep growing internationally.

OnePlus Support Number

+1 (833) 777-3633

Website Contact Link

OnePlus Chat Support

Contact Official Website

About Products

OnePlus has become popular for its innovative smartphones that blend premium features with reasonable prices. The following information relates to recognized OnePlus products:

  • Nord Series by OnePlus: The Nord series, which is aimed at the mid-range market, provides advanced capabilities including fast charging, fluid screens, and high-resolution cameras at a more affordable price. These phones are known for their elegant appearance and intuitive functionality.
  • OnePlus 9 Series: This line of modern smartphones has excellent cameras created in collaboration with Hasselblad and powerful processors for quick performance. They have excellent photographic skills, particularly with regard to color accuracy and image clarity. Faster internet speeds are guaranteed by the 5G connectivity that the OnePlus 9 series offers.
  • OnePlus Buds: These are wireless earphones with an easy fit and excellent sound quality. With OnePlus phones, they are made to pair easily and offer features like fast pair, quick switch, and ambient noise cancellation.
  • OnePlus Watch: Having an extended battery life, fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and a stunning appearance, OnePlus’s first wristwatch is sure to turn heads. It improves the entire user experience by syncing well with OnePlus phones.

Reaching out to OnePlus Customer Service

OnePlus offers many methods to guarantee that you receive the assistance you require promptly, regardless of whether you have a question concerning your phone, need assistance with troubleshooting, or need an instant replacement solution.

  • OnePlus Customer Care Number: You can contact the OnePlus customer care for prompt assistance. This is the quickest way to get in touch with a customer support agent who can assist you with starting a service request or walk you through troubleshooting procedures. Usually, the ‘Support’ part of the OnePlus official website has the number for your area.
  • Online Chat: If you’d prefer to get assistance without picking up the phone, OnePlus customer care has an online chat tool that you may use. The OnePlus customer care provides access to this service. For brief inquiries and minor problems that don’t call for verbal communication, it’s perfect.
  • Email Support: Sending an email to customer support may be a good choice if your problem isn’t urgent. If you write a thorough message outlining your problem, a customer support representative will respond to you right away.
  • Social Media: OnePlus customer care uses a number of different social media sites. You can get in contact with their staff on Facebook or Twitter. This approach can be especially useful for more general questions or less urgent issues.
  • OnePlus Open Instant Replacement Service: OnePlus offers an open rapid replacement service for hardware problems that need to be fixed right away. If the gadget satisfies the warranty’s terms and conditions.

Common Problems with Solution

Here are five common problems that owners of OnePlus phones may run across, along with thorough fixes for each:

Battery Draining Quickly

Issue: The battery life is depleting more quickly than anticipated.

  • Update the software on your phone to the most recent version; updates frequently enhance battery life.
  • Apps that suck battery life can be identified and blocked using the built-in battery optimization capabilities in Settings.
  • When not in use, lower the screen’s brightness and disable any unnecessary connectivity options, such as Bluetooth and GPS.


Issue: When using or charging, the phone feels unusually hot.

  • When the phone is charging, do not use it.
  • If the phone case appears to trap heat during charging, remove it.
  • A phone should not be left in direct sunlight or used for prolonged periods of time with intensive apps.

Problems with connectivity (mobile data or WIFI)

Issue: Having trouble connecting to mobile data or WIFI.

  • To restore the network connection, restart your device.
  • Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network after forgetting. If required, reset the router and check its settings.
  • Turn on and off Airplane mode and make sure the proper network settings are enabled under Settings > Wi-Fi & network > SIM & network if you’re having problems with your mobile data.

Problems with Camera Quality

Issue: Images are hazy or of lower quality than desired.

  • To get rid of any smudges or dirt, use a soft, clean cloth to clean the camera lens.
  • Look for upgrades that may bring about enhancements to the camera.
  • For more control over the quality of your photos, use the Pro mode to manually change ISO, shutter speed, and focus.

Green Line Display Issue

Issue: OnePlus phone has green line display issue

Use the following steps to resolve a Green Line Display issue:

  • Try restarting the device and verifying the cable connections.
  • Updating the graphics drivers and running a diagnostic screen test.
  • Adjusting the display settings and if required doing a factory reset.
  • Seek professional assistance to investigate potential hardware issues if the situation continues.

Some Common FAQs

  1. Why is my OnePlus device running slow?

Make sure the software on your phone is up to date clear out the cache on your phone and remove any unnecessary apps. A factory reset might be required if the delay does not go away (back up your data first).

  1. Can I replace a cracked screen on my OnePlus device by myself?

To guarantee quality and maintain any remaining warranty it is advised to have the repair done by a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to get a real screen and follow a comprehensive instruction manual.

  1. What should I do if my OnePlus phone overheats?

Avoid using the phone while charging, reduce screen brightness and close unnecessary apps running in the background. If overheating continues, consider getting it checked for hardware issues.

  1. How can I improve battery life on my OnePlus device?

Reduce the screen brightness, turn on the settings’ battery optimization tool, and stop background data consumption for any apps you don’t frequently use. In case the gadget is outdated, think about changing the battery.