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Target Corporation Customer Service & Support

Target Corporation Customer Service is among the most famous e-commerce chains in the US. And thus it has to establish a customer service that is not just reliable or sustainable but quick to respond to its customer queries. Thus we are making it simpler for its customers to reach out to them by providing them with all the information about target customer service.

Target Corporation Service Number

1-(800-440-0680) Estd. Wait Time: 15-25 min.

Email Support

Website Contact Link

Brother Printer Chat Support​

Estd. Wait Time: Instant ​

Target GiftCard

1-(800-544-2943) Estd. Wait Time: 15-25 min.

Target Red Card and Target Mastercard

1-(800-424-6888) Estd. Wait Time: 15-25 min.

Target Debit Card

1-(888-729-7331) Estd. Wait Time: 15-25 min.

Get Faster to Target Customer Service​

  • Visit Target’s official website and navigate to the Help Center.
  • Check if Target offers a live chat feature on their website.
  • If applicable, consider using the Target mobile app.
  • Check Target’s social media channels for customer service inquiries.
  • Send a detailed email outlining your issue to Target’s customer support email address.

Tips to contact Target Corporation Services

  1. Phone: Target provides a customer service phone number that you can call to speak with a representative. Check their website or your recent purchase receipt for the correct number.
  2. Live Chat: Target may offer live chat support on their website or through their mobile app. Look for a “Chat” option and initiate a conversation with a representative.
  3. Email: Target likely has an email address for customer inquiries. Check their website’s “Contact Us” page for the appropriate email address and send your query.
  4. Social Media: Many companies, including Target, offer customer support through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Send them a direct message with your concern, and they may assist you.
  5. Online Help Center: Target likely has an online help center or FAQ section on their website where you can find answers to common questions or submit inquiries.
  6. Mobile App: If you have the Target mobile app, there may be customer service features available within the app, such as chat support or a help center.
  7. Community Forums: Target might have community forums or discussion boards where customers can ask questions and interact with other shoppers, as well as Target representatives.


issues and solutions of Target Corporation Customer's

Some common issues that Target Corporation customers may encounter include:

  1. Order Delays or Errors: Customers may experience delays in receiving their orders or errors in order processing, such as incorrect items shipped or missing items.
  2. Product Quality Concerns: Occasionally, customers may receive products that are damaged, defective, or not as described on the website.
  3. Difficulty Finding Products: Customers may have difficulty finding specific products in-store or online, or they may encounter issues with inventory accuracy.
  4. Website and App Glitches: Customers may encounter technical issues while browsing the Target website or using the mobile app, such as pages not loading properly, error messages, or difficulty completing transactions.

Here are potential solutions to these issues:

  1. Contact Customer Service: If you experience order delays, errors, or product quality concerns, contact Target’s customer service team for assistance. They can help track your order, issue refunds or replacements for defective products, and address any other concerns you may have.
  2. Check Return Policy: If you receive a damaged or defective product, familiarize yourself with Target’s return policy. In many cases, you can return or exchange items either in-store or by mail.
  3. Use Alternative Shopping Methods: If you’re having difficulty finding products in-store or online, consider using Target’s various shopping options, such as same-day delivery, order pickup, or using the Target app’s “Find in Store” feature to check local inventory availability.
  4. Provide Feedback: If you encounter issues with customer service or have suggestions for improvement, consider providing feedback to Target through their website, social media channels, or customer surveys. Target values customer feedback and uses it to improve their services.
  5. Clear Browser Cache: If you experience website or app glitches, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies or updating the app to the latest version. If the issue persists, contact Target’s technical support team for further assistance.


What is the address for Target Corporation services?

The address for the Target smart card is the same as mentioned on your billing statement: P.O. BOX 660170 Dallas, TX. 75266-0170. If you want to pay your bills through email you can reach out to this address or otherwise contact the target customer service phone number for more help and information.

How do I contact Target Corporation customer service for online ordering?

To delete the target account, reach out to their support page and there you will find the proper guidance and support to delete it properly, otherwise reach out to the target customer service phone number.

How do I chat with Target for help?

To access the target chat option, reach out to their website and in the top right corner you will find the chat with me option if you fail to navigate yourself to the option call target customer service.

How do I contact Target about a return?

You can return your target product by the mentioned time without paying any additional fees for the item, for doing so you just need to reach out to target customer service and tell them your product and bill number and they will redirect you to the specific pages you can solve your queries on.