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Sub Zero Customer Service | Contact Now

Sub zero is a well-known company in America, and consumers like to purchase the company’s products—a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who staff customer service. Sub-Zero customer service aims to create a stress-free experience for appliance owners, building trust and a loyal “family” of customers.


Sub Zero Customer Service Number

+1 (800) 222-7820​

Website Home Page​

Customer Service Time

24 Hours 7 Days

Website Contact Link​​

Tips To Get Fast Sub Zero Customer Support

Use the appropriate contact method

Sub-Zero provides various ways to contact customer support, including support numbers, live chat, FAQs, and text us. Determine which method suits your needs and preferences.

Steps to follow:

To know your refund status and delivery issues, access the chat box on their customer support website instead of calling. You will get fast solutions.

For Sub Zero refrigerator problems

Customers can contact their support. Customers can call the Sub Zero customer service phone number directly and chat with the company.

For account security

Directly contact their customer service number where they will give you easy steps and solutions to resolve your issue.

Check out the website

Start by visiting the website and navigating to the “Contact Us” or “Help” section. They often provide helpful information; customers can quickly get a number from the customer support option.


  1. Visit the Sub-Zero contact website.
  2. Click on the “Contact” or “Support” option.
  3. Choose a contact method that suits your preferences or needs, such as FAQ, online chat, text us, or their customer service phone number.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to initiate contact support.
  5. To Contact us, dial their customer service phone number.
  6. Clearly explain your issue or inquiry
  • Get instant help from the experts right over the call.
  • Still, if any issues cannot be fixed over a call, chat, or email, they will send a technician to your home to ensure no hardware issues.
  • In the worst-case scenario, if there were any hardware issues, that part would be replaced by the zonal head office or the regional head.
  • But one thing is for sure, the brand takes full guarantee for any software or hardware issues, and at the end of this call, your issue will be resolved.

Utilize the chat option

Sub Zero offers a “let’s chat” option for specific issues. This method can be convenient and often results in quicker responses. Look for the Let’s Chat option on the Subzero website.


  1. Visit the Sub-Zero customer service website.
  2. Select the “Contact Us” tab.
  3. Select “Let’s Chat” as your contact method.
  4. Enter the necessary details.
  5. Start a live chat.

Sub Zero Refrigerator problems and solutions

Temperature Issues:

Issue: The freezer or Subzero refrigerator is either too cold or too warm.

Solution: Verify the settings on the thermostat. Make sure there is enough airflow around the appliance and that the condenser coils are clean. Should the problem continue, there may be a malfunctioning compressor, sensor, or thermostat, and expert help may be required.

Ice Maker Not Working:

Issue: Ice is not being made by the ice machine.

Solution: Inspect the ice maker or the water supply line for any blockages. Verify that the water inflow opening is operating properly. Should the issue continue, there might be a problem with the water filter, the ice maker assembly, or the water entry valve.

Water Leaks:

Issue: Water is pooling around the refrigerator.

Solution: Check for leaks in the water supply line. Examine the drain pan for any fractures or obstructions. To keep water from pouring over the drip pan, make sure the refrigerator is level. Should the problem continue, there can be an issue with the defrost drain or other parts that need to be looked at by an expert.

Excessive Frost or Ice Buildup:

Issue: Ice is building up on the evaporator coils or in the freezer.

Solution: Verify the correct sealing of the door gaskets. Should they sustain damage, replace them out. Make sure the freezer door closes securely. In order to prevent excessive frost buildup, check the defrost system, which includes the heater, thermostat, and defrost timer.

Strange Noises:

Problem: The refrigerator is making strange noises.

Solution: Inspect fans and condenser coils for any loose or vibrating parts. Should the noise continue, a professional inspection may be necessary to rule out problems with the compressor or other internal components.

Condensation on Exterior:

Problem: The refrigerator’s outside is starting to become wet.

Solution: Verify that the door seals are intact and clean. Inspect the door gaskets for any gaps. Refrain from opening the doors a lot when the weather is humid. If the problem continues, there might be an insulating issue, in which case expert help might be required.


Q1 Does Sub Zero provide technical support to its customers?

Yes, it provides technical support services to its customers. Sometimes customers encounter problems related to refrigerators like ice makers not working properly. They make reliable products, but sometimes customers need technical support to resolve their issues.

Q2 Can I reach out to Sub Zero customer support through social media?

Customers can reach the company’s help desk through social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. With the help of this platform, customers can register their problems and ask questions about the product and customer service. On the company’s social media platform, company provide information about its product. They also focus on customer queries and problems, providing the best solutions.

Q3 Are there particular hours when phone help is available?​

Sub Zero provides particular hours to its customers when they can call the customer service center, register their problem, and ask about the problem solution.
Timings – Monday-Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm  CST.