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Asus Gaming Laptop Service | Support

Consumers can trust Asus Gaming Laptop Customer Service and Support if they need assistance or have issues with Asus products. They have a team of experts available to assist customers with technical problems, react to queries about their products, and offer direction. They respond to questions right away and ensure that you have a good experience.

Asus Laptop Customer Service Number

+1 877-339-2787

Website Contact Link

Website Home Page​

Technical Support Number

+1 888-678-3688

Tips to get faster Asus Gaming Laptops customer service

  1. Prepare Relevant Information

Before contacting customer assistance, gather all the necessary information regarding your Asus laptop, such as the model, serial number, and any specific error messages or symptoms. This will aid the support staff in swiftly comprehending your problem.


  1. Be Polite and Concise

When speaking with customer care, be courteous and brief when describing your problem. Explain the issue fully, including any relevant data you have received, and forget any outside material. This will make it easier for the Asus support staff to recognize your issue punctually.


  1. Follow Up if Necessary

Please feel free to follow up with Asus customer support if you are still waiting for a response or a solution within a reasonable time frame. If suitable, provide them with your previous case number to maintain consistency and speed up the process.


  1. ASUS Laptop Customer Support

Customer service is available from Asus via various means, including phone, email, online chat, and discussion forums. Consumers can contact Asus support staff by using their chosen means of contact.


  1. Visit the Support Website

First, look around the Asus Laptops customer support website. Companies frequently include how-to manuals, frequently asked questions, and knowledge-based articles that might assist you in resolving common problems without calling customer care. You can avoid wasting time and effort.


  1. Use Live Chat or Phone Support

Avoid using email when contacting Asus customer service; use live chat or phone support instead. Response times for live chat and phone support are often faster, allowing you to speak with someone in real-time and get help immediately.


  1. Knowledge Base and FAQs

On its website, Asus maintains an extensive knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQs) area. These sources offer a variety of information, step-by-step instructions, and troubleshooting manuals to assist users in resolving common issues.


  1. Authorized Service Centers 

Asus Laptop has a network of authorized service centers worldwide with skilled technicians who can analyze and repair hardware issues. Customers can visit these service centers and contact Asus tech support for professional assistance with their Asus products.


Asus Gaming laptop issues & solutions

1. Slow Performance

If your Asus Gaming laptop runs slowly, it can be frustrating. Several of the following suggestions can be tried:

  • Check for viruses
  • Close unnecessary programs
  • Clear up disk space 
  • Upgrade your RAM 

2. Overheating

Overheating can cause your Asus Gaming laptop to shut down suddenly. Follow these steps to attack this issue:

  • Clean the vents 
  • Use a cooling pad 
  • Avoid using it on soft surfaces 
  • Update your BIOS 

3. Wi-Fi Connection Problems

If you’re having problems connecting to Wi-Fi or experiencing a slow internet connection, try these steps:

  • Restart your laptop 
  • Check your Wi-Fi signal 
  • Update network drivers 
  • Reset network settings

4. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)


Blue Screen of Death” (BSoD) is a term commonly used to describe a critical system error in Microsoft Windows operating systems. When a Windows system encounters a severe error that it cannot recover from, it displays a blue screen with white text, forcing the computer to restart. The purpose of the BSoD is to prevent further damage to the system and data by halting the operation of the computer.

The blue screen typically contains error codes, technical information, and a description of the issue. Some common causes of the Blue Screen of Death include:

  1. Hardware Issues: Problems with hardware components, such as faulty RAM, a malfunctioning hard drive, or a problematic graphics card, can trigger a BSoD.
  2. Driver Problems: Incompatible or outdated device drivers can lead to system crashes.
  3. Operating System Errors: Critical errors within the Windows operating system, such as corruption of system files, may result in a BSoD.
  4. Software Conflicts: Conflicts between software applications or improperly installed programs can cause system instability.
  5. Malware and Viruses: Infections from malicious software can disrupt system operations and lead to a BSoD.




1. Where can I contact Asus Gaming Laptop?

Visit Asus’s official website to get in contact with them. You will find their contact details, which commonly include phone numbers and email addresses for customer service.

2. Does Asus Laptop have a support assist?

To help clients, Asus Laptop offers a support assistance system. The system provides several help options, including online forums, live chat, and phone support.

3. Does Asus have email?

Asus has an email support option if that’s how you like to communicate. You can find their official email address on their website’s help page or by contacting their customer service department.

4. How do I get a refund from Asus Laptops?

To request a refund from Asus Laptops:

  1. Contact Asus Customer Support.
  2. Clearly explain the reason for the refund.
  3. Have your purchase receipt ready.
  4. Review Asus’s refund policy.
  5. Follow customer support instructions for the refund process.
  6. Please be patient and allow time for the process to be completed.