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Block chain technology who make the things the easy, let’s see where we use this technology in our Daily life.

A complex database system called blockchain technology allows transparent information sharing inside a company network. Data is maintained in blocks that are connected together in a chain and stored in a blockchain database. Due to the inability to delete or modify the chain without network consensus, the data remains chronologically consistent. In order to manage orders, payments, and other transactions, you can utilize blockchain technology to create an unchanging record. A common picture of these transactions is made constant by the system’s built-in features, which also stop illegal transaction submissions.

Block chain technology

Money transfer

The original concept behind the invention of blockchain technology is still a great application. With the help of blockchain  money transfer from one bank account to another account can be very less expensive. This is especially true for international transactions, which are sometimes expensive and delayed. Money transfers between accounts, even in the current U.S. financial system, can take days, while a block chain transaction just takes minutes.


Customers and insurance companies may benefit from more transparency if smart contracts are used on a blockchain. Customers would be discouraged from filing duplicate claims for the same occurrence if all claims were recorded on a block chain. Smart contracts can also expedite the payment-receipt procedure for claimants.

Real state

In order to transfer deeds and titles to new owners after real estate transactions, a ton of paperwork is needed huge verify ownership and financial information. Real estate transactions can be documented using block chain technology, which can offer a more accessible and safe way to verify ownership and transfer it. This can expedite transactions, lessen paperwork, and result in cost savings.

Government Benefits of Blockchain Technology

For the management of governmental benefits like welfare programs, Social Security, and Medicare maintained on a block chain are also used. Block chain technology has the potential to lower operating expenses and fraud. Beneficiaries can receive payments more swiftly in the interim thanks to blockchain-based digital disbursement.


We are one step away from being able to vote using blockchain technology. If identifiable personal data is stored on a block chain. By using block chain technology, it will be possible to prevent voting fraud and ensure that no one can vote more than once. Furthermore, it may increase involvement by making voting as simple as hitting a few buttons on a smartphone. In addition, the expense of holding an election would greatly drop.

Logistic and supply chain tracking of Blockchain Technology

There are various benefits to using block chain technology to track goods as they transit through a logistics or supply chain network. First of all, since data is accessible on a secure public ledger, it facilitates easier communication between partners. Second, since data on the block chain cannot be changed, it offers increased security and data integrity. As a result, logistics and supply chain partners can collaborate more freely since they can trust that the information being given to them is reliable and current.

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